Site Seeing & Local Tour

Day 1

Pre Lunch

Jata Shankar

Jata Shankar is a natural cave, a Hindu shrine located north of Pachmarhi. Cave is located in deep ravine, with enormous boulders perched above. Cave contains stalagmites revered as naturally formed lingams. Cave serves as a shrine to the God Shiva and is popular destination for pilgrims. Jata means hair and Shankar is another name of Lord Shiva. There are two different types of little pond, fed by springs, found in the locality, one of cold water and the other one of hot water. The temperature in Jatashankar Cave is at least 3C lower to Pachmarhi. A huge rock is hanging precariously between the walls of the Cave is an unforgettable scene. This miracle of the nature is worth - visiting.

Forest Museum - Bison Lodge

First building constructed by British. Illustrates flora & fauna of Satpura forests with detailed information of local ecology.


Bees fall is hardly 2km. From Jaistambha. After short walk a beautiful water-stream appears usually used as a bathing pool. This water-stream flows and jumps into the valley to make one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Pachmarhi. Fall makes a sound like thousands of Bees are singing and accordingly called Bees Fall. This spectacular fall leaves long-lasting memory when one stays under its cold, fresh and pure water coming directly from the height of 150 feet and feels it stroking soothingly on his head.

Post Lunch


A natural amphitheatre formed by wonderful natural rock formations & cave by sandy rocks.


Dhoopgarh is the highest peak of Satpura ranges at the altitude of 1359 mts. (4,429 ft.) above sea level. Towards Pachmarhi Jheel and a drive on steep hilly track, Expert driving on hills is essentially required. Hill-hikers can prefer route from foothill which is hardly fifteen minutes' Jog for youngsters and healthy persons. The highest peak is known as 'Elephant' or 'Hathi Shikhar'. This is a place from where one can observe the scenic beauty of Satpura Mountain Range. Depth of nature, greenery of dense forests, serpent-shaped jungle paths sleeping like huge dragon and if you are lucky you may see group of 'Bisons' roaming in bamboo forests. From the top of Dhoopgarh one can observe Sunrise from Eastern end and Sunset from western end. Elephant or Hathi Shikhar (highest peak) covers almost whole of the Pachmarhi on its canvas. Towards east the Pachmarhi town seems to lie sleepishly and the view to the west looking over Bori Valley. Betul Hills, and distant sight of dam on River Tawa is especially beautiful. One can have fantastic moods of nature, all scenic beauty, cool breeze with fragrance in its purest form. Two hours stay at evening, will definitely show so many shades of nature, which are beyond Description in words and can only be felt.

Day 2

Pre Lunch


Handi Khoh is Pachmarhi's most impressive ravine. It has a 300 ft high precipice, which dramatically cuts down deep into the bowels of the earth. This is a lonely place where water flows far below with an incessant murmuring sound. Overhanging crags shelter huge, undisturbed beehives to the sheer rock face.


A viewing point of vintage importance developed by the Britishers in 19th century.


Bada Mahadeo Cave (13362 Mt. above mean sea level) is nearly 8km from Jai- stambha. The way is a beautiful hill side drive, every turn unveils a different and more beautiful view. Inside the Cave, is a sacred pond, in which the devotees take religious bath. A natural ancient Shivalingam is worshiped here.


A natural narrow cave of 50ft. length on the way to Chauragarh in dense forest, with Shivalingam inside & a large statue of Bajrangbali outside the cave. The cave is so narrow that one has to walk side ways to reach the womb of the shrine.


Chauragarh is 1316 Mts. Above mean sea level. It is nearly 3 km. from Bada Mahadeo. The top is nearly 240 mt. long and wide. As an offering to Lord Shiva thousands of Trishuls (Tridents) are put by devotees on the top, some of which weigh around 3 to 4 quintals. A new temple of Lord Shiva is constructed on the top of Chouragarh. Chouragarh presents charming panoramic scenes in all directions of dense Forests, hills and valleys. Story of Bhasmasur is mythologically associated with Bada Mahadeo, Chouragarh and Jatashankar.

Post Lunch


Pachmarhi Jheel(Lake) is located just 300 mt. westwards from Jaistambha. This lake is artificially made by stopping a natural water-stream by constructing a small dam From this lake Dhoopgarh looks like a fort. Like other Places of Pachmarhi it is surrounded by lush green trees and has a panoramic view. This is a nice Place to enjoy evenings boating with friends and family.


Hill top accessible by vehicles with fascinating view of Satpura peaks & Saal forests, a place very much liked by first President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad.